Proposing its range of bakery products, Piada d’Oro has as its primary aim that of combining values related to typicalness and rusticity with maximum attention paid to aspects concerning quality and food safety. Tradition and innovation along a path of constant improvement.

For this purpose, the company has established and enlarged over the years, an in-house Quality Division with the aim to develop and maintain a corporate Quality System able to ensure timely control, analysis, planning and R&D activities thanks to qualified personnel.

In particular, the activities the Quality Division deals with concern:

Running the company control and food safety system

Validation and testing of the production

Constant update of certifications  (IGP, IFS, organic EC Reg 834/07, licence for the use of the KAMUT® brand, etc.)

Checks on entering raw materials and finished products

Handling of product traceability Reg.178/2002

R&D of new products to meet market demands.

The true added valued ensured by Piada d’Oro is the team work carried out by its qualified personnel and bread making experts who pursue constant improvement of product features through constant research and planning activities, careful selection of suppliers, daily checks of production lines, assessment of the healthiness of food matrices and the organoleptic quality of finished products.

To ensure compliance with product quality and safety parameters, this company pays special attention to  suppliers and the ingredients in use, the reliability of which is assessed first hand by Piada d’Oro through assessments carried out at production plants and checks performed on all the raw materials received.

Before the selling, the finished product undergoes several checks and assessments to verify that all processing stages have been conducted in compliance with the established parameters; concerning this accurate chemical-microbiological analysis are carried out by accredited laboratories to ensure that all the values checked comply with regulations and the strictest standards followed by Piada d’Oro.

This company has always been oriented towards consumer protection, in particular by supplying clear information, compliant with label regulations and in the knowledge that this communicational interface is a useful source for consumers of products who wish to learn about their intrinsic and nutritional features.